watered shit down

water down comedy until it’s not good for anything other than washing one’s feet. i used to lie awake at night having wet dreams….that was in the wee hours.#Smitw

There is nothing left to challenge except the right to laugh at things.

I ain t written in so long. again another gap, another hiatus. partly from fear of having my stuff read, then reported to the relevant authorities.

I ‘m not actually that funny as a comedian, and it’s confusing me. That is, if you define the funniness by the audience reaction.

Try and raise the audience up to where the jokes are going , but often they don’t want to go.

butlin’s crowd is big. not a bad crowd – but shit it seems i’m still learning how to come across at a big venue. i saw the compere, a man called Rich Wilson – he made it look effortless.


it’s been so long since i wrote here. the trouble is well, it’s not that i’m lazy but i am, i just can t face the prospect of writing things. it’s kind a boring on one had. or the process of typing is. i’d liek to learn to touch type, then i could text whilst driving.

that reminds me, i’ve had yet another speed camera letter, but, hopefully, i will be able to do a speed awareness course.

also had a stupid parking fine, from one of those cunty private parking firms. not sure how to approach that – i ain t it paid yet.

I have been meaning to wrote a few film reviews. seen a hell of a lot, quite a few down my mate Gareth’s house in killay. thing is, there was one film a saw a few months ago and i keep meaning to write about this particular element in it. but fuck sake i have forgotten what the film is ! i’ll just have to write it down when and if it ever comes back to me.

watched a great little low budget 2 character film on Youtube called Underneath.

also watched a rather intriguing western with james stewart and fonda from 1968 – Fire Creek. Stewart’s biography devotes only a couple of lines to it, describing it as ‘routine’, i wouldn’t say that myself. it had some really interesting scenes in it, the dead cowboy being paraded at night in the street. then the showdown at the climax was done really well.

i could talk about my weekly ups and downs as a comedian, but all that crap is boring. people offer me gigs, people cancel gigs. same old same old.

Steve Hewlett the great ventriloquist visited me today, he was gigging in Trecco Bay and drove down early to j 45 of the M4 (the home of yours truly). it was good to see him, talk , and eat digestives.

Eleri is away for 3 days, on a conference in cardiff…so i have been making a mess, and getting stoned, and making up brilliant jokes which i promptly forget.

have applied for a new passport.

a few months ago Radio 4 , as well as radio wales, turned down all 3 of my submitted ideas. i promised myself that i would go travelling were that to happen….no i can’t stand rejection.

i was in a restraunt and the waiter offered me a ‘can-a-pee’…..no thanks i said, i don’t like urine not when it’s from a tin….

how fun it is to be going around different places gigging. I did Crawley yesterday. creepy crawley. actually it was a splendid gig. the compere mentioned the fact that wales is not a proper country. damn, the secret’s out. the fact that she mentioned this just a few second before my going on stage was a little disconcerting. but i’m glad she said it before i went on and not afterwards.

but Alconbury was a different story. look i’m sorry but i don’t think they – ah fick it.

been talking to old friends on the phone.

so you can perform in your mother’s tongue…that’s nothing, i can perform with my tongue in my mother…and she’s been dead for 35 years !

Welcome back

i have not written in my website for ages and ages….so now i want to change that. 2022 at last – new year resolution? yes, that i write regularly in this digital blog type thing. i have got a few gigs coming in, i have seen a load of films some good some crap….