A Collection of quotes and reviews:

From the Shropshire Star, January 2019….

(this was written a day after I played Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury…Note the ‘overnight sensation/20 years’ paradox)

Top-of-the-bill Noel James recently became an overnight sensation after more than 20 years on the comedy circuit thanks to a semi-final finish in Britain’s Got Talent. The Welshman’s motormouth style, a constant stream of one-liners, puns and clever wordplay, brought to mind a combination of Milton Jones and Eddie Izzard.
The Swansea comedian throws in a few surreal impressions, such as using his guitar bag to turn himself into the Elephant Man before playing the 12 bah blues with an array of sheep noises. I thought he was bah-rilliant.

‘Noel James is a lovely comic’ – Kate Copstick, The Scotsman 2007

The funniest joke I’ve ever heard – Almost certainly it was by Noel James. Go and see him live to hear it.” – Jon Richardson, The Guardian 2017

“Surreal Welsh comic Noel James lives and dies by wordplay, his delivery a gabble of consciousness that skips from pun to giddy flight of fantasy with ill-coordinated abandon […] Any stand-up can struggle to connect with an audience. But James betrays the soul of a poet and accomplishes it with such rare panache and commitment that it approaches art.” Jay Richardson, March 2010