This St Davids Day, in Swansea, a show in Welsh…


Noson Comedi




last Tuesday i did a gig in Monmouth – a place i have rarely if ever visited, land of the Monnow river and Monnow-glot Welsh….While the gig was tiny and quite dark (literally)…the middle section was definitely worth seeing: a robot. Yes, a man came to do a talk about his homemade robot which had occupied him for months. The robot was present and correct.

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This Sunday, 16th June I will be in Ilkley Moor. A legendary place i have only heard about in songs

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May 31st – tomorrow – i got a gig near Carmarthen, it’s for charity – but is sold out. ooohh matron.

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I had 35 punters in to see this show at my ‘local’, the Grand Theatre Swansea. That sound bad? it was a good show, especially when compared with Aberystwyth the month before…7 punters came to that !!!  It’s great being a big name






Thursday April 18th, at Aberystwyth Arts Centre…this:






Also check Noel’s page on Ents24 for more information.