I have been treading the boards – some would say walking the plank – for twenty-five years. An experienced, very original, comedian from Swansea, Wales, who has played – and often headlined – most comedy clubs in the UK including Glee Clubs, Banana Cabaret, Hyena, The Stand, Up The Creek, Frog and Bucket, Baby Blue, and more.
As well as club gigs I’ve performed at major festivals, and gigs abroad in places like Dubai, Shanghai, Berlin, Cape Town and Canada.
I’ve done sketch shows on BBC Radio Wales, and various TV comedy and acting roles in both English and Welsh.
I am not a gratuitously rude comic. When I’m on stage I come alive and my goal is to literally cheer everyone up, if I can.
My material is highly original, cerebral, with some wordplay; some people think it’s clever but at the same time it has a wide appeal. I can also perform in my mother tongue, the Welsh language.