dewi brawd

saw my brother recently. he happened to mention that he reads this blog. Oh shit. I feel like i got to be on best behavior now.

Duuuuuw fi’n cofio dod lawr man ‘na

well it’s been an eventful couple of weeks.

my posture’s terrible.

Drove from Llanrhidian to Frinton-on-sea yesterday. what an epic feat. talk about the paris dakhar rally. please do talk about it. as i ain’t got fuck all. doubel negative there. as my friend Gareth Williams used to say: double negatives don’t mean nothing.

a big shout out to Paul Hazell, comedy hypnotist, and owner of the Comedy Lounge. Hull. Bloody Hull.

The friday was better than the saturday. what is an audience? that is the question. A bunch of people. sometimes they get you sometimes they don’t.

anyway, the saturday was tougher, for some reason. i mean it’s not like they were difficult in any hostile way, just that they didn’t seem to get me. A few laughs here and there.

But Paul was very nice about it.


I did a gig in in beckenham on saturday. there was a bleedin diversion on the m4, added 2 hours to the journey. and the sat nav chose to take me through London, an hour spent in getting 12 miles. The sat nav normally speaks but on this trip it stayed strangely silent. perhaps it felt guilty.

But i got to the gig: a lovely little church hall, with a terrific audience. St George’s. Best gig so far of the post lockdown era.

then yesterday – sunday – the day of the lord – i had one of the most unusual double ups i’ve ever done.

At 2pm a gig in an outdoor festival in llanrhidian, Gower / Gwyr.

That gig had to run to time. emergency procedures kick in otherwise. which are….non existant really. But i should have had a back up plan, if i was going to attempt a gig in gower, south wales, in the afternoon followed, 7 hours later, by a gig in Frinton-on-sea, on the east coast of england. Yes a back up plan would have been a good idea when, knowing there’s a junction closed on the M4 adding 2 hours to the journey, i decided to drive up through mid england instead.

It was touch and go until i got to the M25. but i made it to the gig with minutes to spare, and when i walked in at 9.05 i was in my element – yes i was wearing a kettle on my head. well it was fur lined and that’s the last time i’m putting the kettle on.

cup of tea?

I’ve never had a round of applause from a green room before. Joseph and Marulyn, or was it Jolene and Maggie? they were lovely.

the gig was ace as well, making the drive all the more worthwhile. Fatigue didn’t set in, maybe because one gets enlivened by the crowd. There a connection at the end of it…

and a funny little theatre set on stage. I entered from the the back of the stage through a pair of white doors.

and Clive, the booker, he was so appreciative of the effort that he let me stay over in his flat over looking the north sea…well it’s north technically…even though it’s east.

so eer i got up this morning with a hangover – a lager cider whisky combination didn’t do me any favours the night before.

But i thought 14 hours driving, there and back, in one go, would be too much. and in the dark…and with diversions! and perversions.

so…thanks Clive. Lovely man – or is he??? I don’t know. but he’s artistic, with a great appreciation of comedy.

the question is – am i a character act?

as clive said, i do non stop puns. the problem is some audiences don’t cotton on to that concept.

so, is the concept an artifice? a character put on?

maybe it is a character. in which case, if the audience don’t ‘get’ the character…..should i break out of it?

the object: is it to be funny?

or is it

to entertain?

well i can’t be funny unless the audience finds me funny.

so yeah i had a pleasant walk about in frinton, and a quick dip in the sea. felt like montalbano for a moment. until i caught sight of my stomach in the mirror.

what i was doing with a mirror in the sea i don’t know….oh yes i do..i was trying to recreate the Narcissus legend…but the surface of the sea wasn’t reflecting me well enough – for me to fall in love with it – so i had to borrow a mirror.

ma drych yr uffarn arna i…

before setting out again on my long trip home.

actually the festival gig was good fun as well. but it was work.

Did a gig in Hereford.

Ah Hereford, land of orchards and and….eeer.

anyway it was good to be doing a gig, the venue was a trendy bar which made really nice local lager – and gave some for free to the acts. Eleri came along – the down side was i lost my mobile phone. This happened in a garage somewhere east of Brecon; her car flashed up a light saying the tyres needed air! so i must have left it on top of the air machine. Oh well that’s inflation!

Due to Covid the gig itself actually happened outdoors in the courtyard – i’m not saying the audience were spaced out (but thinking about it maybe they were as i’d spiked their drinks with acid).

As i walked on stage i looked down and realised ll my written notes had been erased from the palm of my hand…damn those hand sanitizers! (that’s a joke – if i write notes on my hand they’ll always be on the back not the palm, due to sweaty pores – the sweat pores out).

When i went on stage the compere kneed me in the balls…not really.

this is real though: i got an excellent set up for my prescription glasses gag – which is a visual joke : sunglasses covered in prescription pills. The lone welsh man in the audience happened to be wearing sunglasses. A witty dual ensued, with him offering me glasses, then me declining, saying no thanks, i got my own!

– got a good clap for that one….

…which made up for the shakiness of the rest of the set! Yes i was a bit all over the place. But still getting back into the swing of things

first gig back.

last thursday i did my first live gig in an actual venue since march 2020..

it was in a kids play venue (by day) called Little Giggles…which is what i got. No, it was good to be back, but at the same time not really that big a deal. IT was in Yate near Bristol, and i managed to get a train all the way and back.,

wasn’t really nervous, but i couldn’t recall much of my material. still, stand up comedy is like riding a bike. But , as Kevin McCarthy (who was also on the bill) said to me, ‘Last time i rode a bike i fell off’. but hey that’s funny.

Nick Page gave me a lift back to Yate train station, which was nice of him even though it meant i had an hour to wait on a cold platform. got some reading done. Talked to him more tonight than i ever have done before.

It was not an ideal gig in terms of space, sound and lighting, but overall it was a good gig to have after such a long gap away . the audience – about 35 – were nice enough .were they spaced out? yes, but that was something they’d been drinking.

The stage was the most weird thing: a series of cubes with multi coloured lights within each one, a bit like the stage under Travolta when he does his famous dance in Saturday Night Fever…i wasn’t so much stayin alive as tryin not to die !