Tap House

had a very intense week of gigs last week. thursday i was in a place called clowne.
yes that is it’s name. in a venue called the old School Taphouse. Initially i thought it might be a dance academy, and i was glad that it taught the old school tap, none of that jazz and modern shit. yes it’s true i used to be a contemporary dancer, but times move on.

anyway it wasn t a dance academy at all, it was an old school made into a rather nifty pub.

The comedy lounge, Hull, what a terrific room. a proper lounge feel to it. then sunday in swansea, in Cinema & Co. what a crazy gig, but highly enjoyable. Speakeasy comedy group advocate free speech. and a lot of the audience were all for freedom and very vocal about it.

I saw billy mcguire again, and stayed in his and yolanda’s house. I thought of a good joke, and thought Billy could have it. he did laugh at it when i thought of it. but since comin home both he and i have forgotten the joke. it always happens, the forgetting of jokes. sometimes it doesn t bother me but when you know it was a good one it’s quite frustrating.

Had a few coincidences in the last couple of weeks, the only one i can recall is that i had a flat tyre on the morning i woke up in Dinah’s house in Lampeter. i had a flat tyre in exactly the same place and time a couple of years ago! The other coincidences were subtler, but again, like fragile jokes, vanished from memory.

Just about survived the hot weather. went for a stroll around the block on one of the 38 degree plus nights, and the moon was cut in half, like a big yin yang symbol. two opposing forces ok.

Did 4 episodes of the welsh learners quiz Cystadleu-iaith, recorded them in the new all singing all dancing studio in BBC Cardiff. actually it’s not that new – we recorded there last years as well.