watered shit down

water down comedy until it’s not good for anything other than washing one’s feet. i used to lie awake at night having wet dreams….that was in the wee hours.#Smitw

There is nothing left to challenge except the right to laugh at things.

I ain t written in so long. again another gap, another hiatus. partly from fear of having my stuff read, then reported to the relevant authorities.

I ‘m not actually that funny as a comedian, and it’s confusing me. That is, if you define the funniness by the audience reaction.

Try and raise the audience up to where the jokes are going , but often they don’t want to go.

butlin’s crowd is big. not a bad crowd – but shit it seems i’m still learning how to come across at a big venue. i saw the compere, a man called Rich Wilson – he made it look effortless.