a few weeks ago i wrote some stuff about political comedy – whatever that is.

One thing i mentioned -or , rather, one person, was Ian Cognito. I said he never did ‘telly’.

Cognito was pround of that fact. I said that that was a political decision on his part even though Ian was never described as a political comedian.

In fact I wasn’t sure at the time if not doing comedy was in fact a political decision. But i recently read a great book: BBC , myth of a public service.

Having read that i can now categorically see and say that if you are a comedian who refuses to appear on TV – or at least the BBC – then yes it does involve a political consequence. Because, if you believe the book, the BBC is not neutral, – as a lot of us like to think – but is actually in cahoots with teh state, and always been since its inception.

So, in the same way, when my ideas for programmes are all rejected by BBC radio…I’m no longer depressed as i was, no longer upset in the same way…for there is an agenda. And if i don’t fit that agenda then GOOD! I’m glad.