July….23rd , 2020

hey ho

Tune into Radio Cymru on August 9th, 6.30 – Diogi (Laziness)…it’s welsh language…they would do subtitles, but on the radio that sort of makes it english.

Coincindences…always been a big fan. Used to read books about it – a good one is Jung’s Synchronicity.  Do coincidences have any significance? that is the question, or are they random events, and ae bound to happene becasue that’s what the law of averages dictates ?

That could be true, i don’t know – what ? do i look like i have a degree in physics ? I hope not because I’ve spent years trying to cultivate a non-science look.

Anyway, when a coincidence happens i always get a frissant of electricty run through me. But , you know, if it’s a really unsual chance event, – like the odds are stacked against it so high it seems impossible – when that happens it makes me think Wow….is that a sign!!??

So me and Eleri are watching a DVD, of a film called Come Home Little Sheba…it’s a hearbreaking American drama from the 50’s.  It’s also an american disc, and i’ve had it in the house about 3 years without playing it til this evening. It’s only recently i  had the means to play it, as i just bought a DVD player for multi region discs.

We watch the film, and it’s great. I ordered this relatively obscure film from Amazon. I must have ssen a reference to it somewhere, but it’s very difficult to come by; i ain’t never seen it on the box, and not available as a UK disc…quite rare it seems.

After we watch it we go downstairs – (the DVD player is in the bedroom Eleri having done out the spare room nice) – then we have supper, and we watch something else on TV  (I think we watch too much stuff)….Anyway, as I’m watching the tv an advert comes on the Talking Pictures channel for a film they’re showing next week..,fuck me it’s Come Home Little Sheba. I mean, you wouldn’t believe how long i’ve been waiting to see that film – well actually you might – but the fact is the DVD was gathering dust at the bottom of a pile, and it’s like, one day one day…thinking if i don’t get round to watching it i’ll never ever see the film.

And there, on the same day i fianlly get around to watching it….it comes up on TV.


As to what if any significance that has in my life….who knows? But it might mean something. Not sure if the content of the film has anything to do with…like i was meant to watch that story for some reason