Jun 30th 2020.

Hello – me again…

I know in my last post i said i’d write a full quite of previous exchange i.e. the FB dialogue that my ‘accusee’ put on a forum recently…but , having thought about it, it’s been taken down now…and as they say: best to let sleeping dogs lie.

But there seems to be an awful lot of shit hitting the fan at the minute on the comedy scene generally. As someone said – the circuit is having its own Metoo moment. No doubt the vacuum left by the Covid needs filling as people’s pent up angers and frustrations start to emerge.

I sympathise with any victims of abuse.   There is clearly truth in a lot of the accusations and revelations, as many male comedians have issued statements and apologies.

To be honest i was completely ignorant of all this until my friend Paul phoned me last week – see previous blog – informing me that i was being slagged off on a forum to which I had no access.

Don’t accuse the wrong people, FFS, it only dilutes the cause.

I am not into harrassing women sexually. How can i be? I’m a sheep shagger !