18th october

was walking under the motorway a couple of days ago and wouldn’t you believe it…a baby pidgeon, up in the rafters ! Only in myths have i encountered such creatures before.


two things happened-

first, i wrote a ‘pitch’ , and filmed it on my tablet, for a short film. It’s for a competition – £30000 is what you get, to make the film, is it’s accepted.

The film had to be based or inspired by anything out of the Bible. I submitted a modern day a parody of the ten virgins, or bridesmaids. Instead of running out of oil for their lamps they run out of juice for their mobile phones…..the idea’s okay, but my filmed pitch was crappy. but at least i got it in on time – 12 o clock deadline.

The other thing that happened on Monday – a tragic thing.

Paul James texted me to call him. so i did and he told me that Ian Cooper has killed himself.

a friend, a generous bloke. i frequently stayed at his when i gigged in north wales.

He ran a few comedy clubs. He was one of the good guys on the welsh comedy scene.

Last time i saw him was in sep last year – when i toured the welsh Brcht play he let me stay at his pad in Colwyn Bay.

It’s unbelievable that he’s gone….he had a kid, a dog, a house, he was a carpenter, he worked as a counsellor for drug addicts…he was a lovely man.

And now he’s gone. Colled mawr…A loss to the world.

Nos Da Ian

Monday 14th Sep, 2020.

Film nomination

i did a short film called The Comedian. That was in 2019.

turns out it’s been nominated for Best Short Film set in Wales, in the Welsh International Film Festival….

New T shirt



I got this T shirt done…message me if you are interested. It’s a logo inspired by Cofiwch Drwyerin, – remember Trywerin – a slogan which is still visible on a ruined wall just outside Aberystwyth. It has taken on iconic status. Trywerin was the valley in north Wales flodded in the early 60’s. A welsh speaking community obliterated in order to give water to Liverpool.


Only mine says Cofiwch Werthin, which mean Remember to Laugh.

from space

a cluster of tears

upon your cheek

like a new constellation


silver pinhole satellites

negate the dark

between us


guiding lights


from space

remind me

that beneath your brow

lies love