i was in a restraunt and the waiter offered me a ‘can-a-pee’…..no thanks i said, i don’t like urine not when it’s from a tin….

how fun it is to be going around different places gigging. I did Crawley yesterday. creepy crawley. actually it was a splendid gig. the compere mentioned the fact that wales is not a proper country. damn, the secret’s out. the fact that she mentioned this just a few second before my going on stage was a little disconcerting. but i’m glad she said it before i went on and not afterwards.

but Alconbury was a different story. look i’m sorry but i don’t think they – ah fick it.

been talking to old friends on the phone.

so you can perform in your mother’s tongue…that’s nothing, i can perform with my tongue in my mother…and she’s been dead for 35 years !