Did a gig in Hereford.

Ah Hereford, land of orchards and and….eeer.

anyway it was good to be doing a gig, the venue was a trendy bar which made really nice local lager – and gave some for free to the acts. Eleri came along – the down side was i lost my mobile phone. This happened in a garage somewhere east of Brecon; her car flashed up a light saying the tyres needed air! so i must have left it on top of the air machine. Oh well that’s inflation!

Due to Covid the gig itself actually happened outdoors in the courtyard – i’m not saying the audience were spaced out (but thinking about it maybe they were as i’d spiked their drinks with acid).

As i walked on stage i looked down and realised ll my written notes had been erased from the palm of my hand…damn those hand sanitizers! (that’s a joke – if i write notes on my hand they’ll always be on the back not the palm, due to sweaty pores – the sweat pores out).

When i went on stage the compere kneed me in the balls…not really.

this is real though: i got an excellent set up for my prescription glasses gag – which is a visual joke : sunglasses covered in prescription pills. The lone welsh man in the audience happened to be wearing sunglasses. A witty dual ensued, with him offering me glasses, then me declining, saying no thanks, i got my own!

– got a good clap for that one….

…which made up for the shakiness of the rest of the set! Yes i was a bit all over the place. But still getting back into the swing of things