first gig back.

last thursday i did my first live gig in an actual venue since march 2020..

it was in a kids play venue (by day) called Little Giggles…which is what i got. No, it was good to be back, but at the same time not really that big a deal. IT was in Yate near Bristol, and i managed to get a train all the way and back.,

wasn’t really nervous, but i couldn’t recall much of my material. still, stand up comedy is like riding a bike. But , as Kevin McCarthy (who was also on the bill) said to me, ‘Last time i rode a bike i fell off’. but hey that’s funny.

Nick Page gave me a lift back to Yate train station, which was nice of him even though it meant i had an hour to wait on a cold platform. got some reading done. Talked to him more tonight than i ever have done before.

It was not an ideal gig in terms of space, sound and lighting, but overall it was a good gig to have after such a long gap away . the audience – about 35 – were nice enough .were they spaced out? yes, but that was something they’d been drinking.

The stage was the most weird thing: a series of cubes with multi coloured lights within each one, a bit like the stage under Travolta when he does his famous dance in Saturday Night Fever…i wasn’t so much stayin alive as tryin not to die !