Film list not sincere

check this out:

100 best comedy films of all time, according to critics – Flipboard

It’s a list of 100 best comedy films of all time as voted for by readers of Newsweek, some american rag.

who am i to complain? i am nothing but a child dripping in the residue of naivety, But just glance at the list and see if you think what i think….that the list is strange, weird; messed up@~”$%&£

It’s got film that aren’t comedy film on it, films that a million miles away from being comedies e.g. Three Billboards.

It’s got a few Woody Allen films, ok, a few Chaplin films, a Marx Bros film…but there’s not one Laurel and Hardy. Not one! i mean that team worked their bollocks off to make the world laugh in the thirties…even if you don’t think they’re nuanced or sophisticated or a satire on social morays come on ! They made people laugh FFS.

There’s not one Zuker bros film, or Farelly bros film present. But Knocked Up is on the list, a piece of shit.

Yes i know a comedy film doesn’t have to consist of belly laughs, and yes i know it can be clever and subtle. but it seems to me that’ funny’ is an essential ingredient.

To be honest i need to check the list again, but it made me so sad last time i looked. The contributors have twisted the meaning of the word comedy, or just forgotten it, and it reeks of middle class bourgeoisie pretentiousness. The saddest thing is that the magazine by publishing such a list mocks the idea of filmic comedy. By not acknowledging proper comedy films they have failed to take the art form seriously.