driving again

Well, it happened. fate decreed i think that i should lose my driving license and i did.

After my miraculous let off last August in swansea magistrates court – where i was allowed to keep my license despite 3 sets of speed camera offences added onto the 12 points i already had (see previous blog) – i went stupid and got caught without insurance in september. For the purposes of this blog i can only say it was a mistake, and i’ve never before gone without the relevant paperwork before. Yes i got a ban, but one of 3 months…..another miracle ! The relief was immense, as the stress in the weeks leading up to the case was UUuughh. A nasty feeling of negativity settled on my mind.

Since i pled gulity, and asked for leniency, in the welsh language, i feel it appropriate to write more about this in the Cymraeg section of this site.

This happened in January, and i am a third of the way through it already…