No Six nations rugby today…so instead of sitting on my arse watching grown men harm each other i thought i’d spend the same amount of time here.

and what amazing games wales had the last two weeks ! They were to be honest lucky in both in the sense that they played teams with one man less tahn their own – but that’s what happens when foul play is spotted by the ref….and these days they get everything on camera. i think it’s a fair system. and it applies to all teams.

But what is it about players running in from a distance into the head of the welsh players ??? do they hate us that much ?

anyway we won both matches, so a great start to the 6 nations. duuuuuuwwwww

Tomorrow i am taking part in th UK Pun off – so i been busy writing my jokes. it’ll be fun. The challenge has been a good one, cos thinking up jokes leads you down unpredictable avenues:

I went to listen to a lecture about visual agnosia – that illness where people get objects mixed up – it was so boring i fell asleep at the drop of an articulated lorry…

what else? i have seen some good films – see my film review section.