Hello Both

and thanks again for reading my blog….and a special hello and shw mae to Doctor Rhys Bevan-Jones…

I was sad to hear the other day of the passing of John Jenkins. He was an incredible individual who’s death as far as i can see got no mention on the media in Wales whatever. He was 87 ish.

You must read his biog if you get a chance: Reluctant Revolutionary.

I read it last year, and then sent him a post card, sending it to the only address i had for him, a residential home in Wrexham.

To my surprise, a few weeks later, i got a response. He was too ill to write me, but his biographer Dr Gwyn sent me a nice text message.

I won’t go into detail here as to who JJ was and what he did, as i know not everyone will look at it in the same way.

ANOTHER thing..

went in to the chemist today, and i had a simple request. But do you ever get the feeling in this country that shops – especially GP receptionists and any shops linked with medical profession – will do anything but help you in your ‘customer journey’. I knew my request would be blocked simply because it was slightly unexpected.

In my chemist they are holding 5 months ‘ wroth os prescroption of Duloxetene for me. Now, i am allowed to go in there, any time during opening hours, and ask for my medicine. All i need to do is ask for it and state my address.

But today i wanted – ALL i wanted – was a copy, like a photo copy, if i couldn’t get the original, of my actual prescription.

Why? I hear you ask….well, in the event of a court case, i feel that proof of my anxiety issues would be handy for my defence.

shall i go politely now ?

So i go in and politely ask the lady if i can get a copy. she says OK and we agree that I’ll come back in half an hour.

In half an hour i return, and ask for my photo copy/ies. There’s a different lady. She asks me for ID – which I wasn’t asked for 30 minutes before – luckily i have my debit card. She checks this with the main man, the chemist. He says no. He point blank refuses to give me what I want, unless i have photo ID.

This really gets my goat. I tell him i’d already been told to come back in half an hour. He says no. So, the shop is closing in about ten minutes – how am i meant to walk home and back to get my photo ID? But more importantly – and i ask him this – why do i need my photo ID!!? He says there’s information on the prescription…..wha ??


And this is the reason :

If i wanted to pick up my medicine all i need to do is verbally state my home address.

But if i want the paperwork. i need photo ID! ….so…. any fuckin cunt can pick up my pills if they happen to know my name and address….but i can’t get a crappy photocopy of the prescription form unless i’m checked out. Fucks sake. why didn’t the first lady tell me that ??

ooohhhh aargghh

apparently there’s a joke about GP receptionists – but i think it can apply to chemists as well – that they attend special colleges where they learn to be as impolite and unhelpful as possible. Yes i believe they do.

Pessimistic aren’t i? I hope not

anyway the reason why the first lady didn’t tell me was because she was new to the job. Who’d have thought ? Melania would start a new life anywhere now that her husband has left office !