I was looking at Amazon with Eleri today. she is into tapestry making, especially tapestries of puffins. But instead of working from a fixed pattern she wants to start creating the picture on the fly so to speak.

So she’s says ‘will you seacrh for tapestry yarns on Amazon?’

Tapestry yarns? i think to myself,i know plenty of tapestry yarns…

there was this thread….walking down the street one day. Duuuw he felt alone. suddenly a man comes up to the thread, looks him up and down, and asks ‘How long is a piece of string?’

‘How long is a piece of string?’ says the thread, ‘How tall am I????’


obviously some ‘new material’ there….justify

The highest praise i ever got for my comedy was from a hippy…

‘Hey maaan, that was far out…..cerebral…and the light and shade yin and yang of it was…was…

<breathes out >


Sometimes i think the world has gone completely open plan.