Oh hi. New year’s eve again.

And tonight i have a gig via Zoom. yes old Noel still working. not really – it’s very sporadic.

This a funny time of year even in normal times. not only do you get Christmas then New year, but i also get my birthday on Xmas Eve. (Yes that’s why I’m called Eve). I am officially 55, or as my brother quaintly put it in an email, middle aged. Middle aged??? i don’t feel it, and i hope i don’t think it. It sounds worse than it is methinks. It sounds like something thats swept in with the black death. Sometimes i wish i had a middle aged spread: a ranch in Oregon would be just fine.

Miriam Margoyles.

This year has been a wash out in many ways. But there’s always next year. All things must pass.

I hope it’s not too early but let me wish you reader a happy new year/Blwyddyn newydd dda…I say ‘early’ as I’m wishing it for 2026…and as I wish it i look out my window and see actual snow…only a few tiny flakes, fragile reminders of white Christmases past…more like dandruff to be honest