A couple of weeks ago…

I was offered a gig of sorts. It was a five day reading of a play. It would have been done via Zoom, and would have paid a goodly sum.- goodly compared to the nothing I am currenty getting from comedy perfoming. I turned it down and still feel a bit gutted about that. Why did i turn it down? thank you for not asking and thus forcing me to tell you…

In that same week i had pledged, and indeed signed a contract, to take part in Mastermind Cymru – yes a welsh language version of the famous quiz. I hadn’t actually signed up as a contestant, but as a stand by, a substitute, in the event of a contestant dropping out. Being a standby was the only way i could guarantee getting any kind of fee – apparently the contestants themselves don’t get paid for answering really difficult questions. Who knew ? I’m guessing everyone else involved with the programme was paid. Or was it only their substitutes who were paid…? (queue Twilight Zone music).

But, anyway, I was to be paid £200 just for being at the ready. ( actually i thought it was £200 per recording there being two recordings – i was wrong). So, when my play writing friend called and offered me this other opportunity, a more creative opportunity artistically speaking, I was in a quandary – You can tell i’ve been reading that Woody Allen autobiography ! – actually, i was in a quarry, well, stoned. Which would have been better? an intense 7 hour day for 5 days, acting, reading, chopping and changing (this remidns me, i must start writing a play ) ? Or the hot seat for one or possible two days? I had my subjects all set: Beatles compsitions, and the songs od Edward H. Dafis

I was over cautious, as i am often am. Perhaps i should have just accepted the play reading, and taken a gamble that i would not be required for Mastermind. but, you know, these days, with health issues around evry corner, the producers were worried that someone would surely drop out.

Guess what ? No one dropped out.

Ironic…? No sad, I was sat on my arse for yet another week. And there’s nothing worse for the self esteem, th anxiety, than to think what might have been.

Incidentally, for Mastermind, you are asked to sight a reference book for each subject. Fpr the Beatles I had Mathew Lewisohn’s masterly The Beatles Recordings Sessions. For Edward H’ Dafis songs I had the pamphlet from their complete CD boxset…pathetcic really considering they are one of the greatest rock bands in the pantheon of welsh rock bands .

It’s a little sad there is no scholarly text book available for them as there is for the Beatles….I’m off to write it!