29th october 2020.

I am looking back in 2020 hindsight? (to quote the Rutles)…probably.

it’s been a stressful few weeks. still no gigs. and Lockdown ongoing. everyone has to cope with the latter.

But there’s been vile shit going down on the comedy scene’s social websites. I don’t want to go into it, but i’d liek to think it’s over.

Anyway, it could be the stess from that that brought on an attack of proctalgia. at least i think it’s proctalgia…i’ve never had it diagnosed. If you don’t know what that is, it’s literally a pain in the arse!

It comes on very occasionally and lasts just a few minutes, but when it’s there it is very painful.

two nights ago i wake up in the middle of the night with it. The pain is horribel and makes me feel hot. i get out of bed and rush to the bathroom, just so i can sit in the coolness, and bend over and breathe deeply.

but the pain won’t go away, and i start to feel faint.

I get up and head across the hall back to my bedrron. then something very weird happens.

I have the sensation that i am asleep, …and there’s a loud bang, as if in a dream, but traumatic.

next thing, i’m not sure how much later, – it feels like seconds, but could have been longer – i open my eyes, and am totally disorientated. No idea where i am. Then i gradually realize i am on the floor. lying in my stomach.

To cut a long story short: as i walked from teh bathroom to my bedroom i must have feinted, collapsed. I fell with force on something. Now there’s big cut on my forehead, whiplash in my neck, and my arm hurts cos i fell on top of it.

In the minutes following this collapse i was very confused, in fact i thought i might have had a stoke! thankfully not.