15th August 20

watched a documentary on Netflix about Jeffrey Epstein. My God what a man, demonic in his cruelty. his premature death in prison denied his victims the satisfaction of seeing him in jail.  Was it suicide? was he murdered?  It’s scary what money can buy , and who it can buy…


Talking about buying…I go on ebay. it’s a kind of hobby. Sometiems i buy things, but mostly I try and sell things, in fact i have sold books, videos, DVDs, furniture, shoes, bricabrac, all sorts of things. I sold a guitar the other day.  Trouble with ebay  sometimes the headaches are not worth the effort; occasionally the irem never arrived, then you get complainers. So I just got a whinger – the buyer’s not happy with the guitar I sent him, says there’s a scratch on it that wasn’t on the original listing.  Ok fair enough, but  the way this person is wording his message I can tell’s he/she’s like trying to almost blackmail me into giving him a discount, cos the alrenative is he sends the guitar back to me and i provide the buyer with a refund – as well as pay for his postage. Fuck it – send it back if you’re not happy !


This afternoon i did a 15 minute chat on Radio Cymru – it was a sports programme, but as there is no sports at the moment they decided to have a comedy guest on for a change.  In the end it went fine, i talked about a diverse range: from Grimaldi the clown to the recent Scottish bill on Hate crime. But it wasn’t easy getting the chat up and running – problems with Skype. twice it broke down due to some technical chicanery. In the end we forewent technology and opeted for the old fashion. No i’m not talking about smoke signals – though that might have been more efficient – and did it over the phone.