29th July (yesterday)

some good news to illuminate the crap. In fact an amazing piece of good fortune came my way.

I was in the magistrates court Swansea yesterday to plead guilty to not one, not two, but three speed camera offences, that’s nine points on top of the nine i already have on my much worn driving license.

The case had already been adjourned twice due to the Covid, and adjourned once because i wanted to have the case conducted in the welsh language. (It’s my right don’t you know…..obviously this works much better as i can speak welsh. If i was non -welsh speaking but asked for the case to be done in welsh i’m not sure how it would go; there’d be one translator for me , to put what i say into welsh, and then another translator, to translate it back into englsih for the judge!)

Anyway, in a case like this the accused (or offender ) gets the opportunity to ask for compassion from the magistrates. If you have the money you can pay for a lawyer to do that for you. Bugger that….I took my chances on my own.

But i didn’t believe i had any chance. None whatsoever. I mean, 9 points is a lot – i reckoned they’d give me a longer than 6 month ban for that – 6 months being the standard length for a 3 point offence. And the law – you know – is THE LAW.  It wants to make an example of you, teach you a lesson etc

However, to cut to the chase – but not at a speed exceeding the limit – I was not given a ban, just the fine.

I haven’t yet fully appreciated how lucky i have been here.   Yes i do feel some relief and joy , but not really proportional with the ‘get out’ I ‘ve been given.  I should be in shock,  – maybe the Covid contributed to the moood of the magistrates.  Maybe they’d had a nice luch. And they certainly asked me quite a few questions, not just about my comedy work – which is currently dead-  but also about the talks I do in schools where i act as a role model for entrepeneurs of the future. I think they could see that my car is essential for stuff like that.


It’s been a fortunate week in more than one way


More to come.