july 20 20 20

duw fi’n cofio dod lawr man ‘na…


what’s relevant today is what it is.

Hi people…i went for a nice walk today and reflected on things that have been happening the last few weeks. it seems like a good thing to be able to see from the other’s point of view. But on the other hand, when you try and do that, you feel – yes you can actually feel – the pain that you’ve caused . shit – that’s like the Bwiti religion in west africa.

If i put myself in your shoes i’ll probably get corns on my toes, but on the other hand i’ll get a blister….becasue you’re holding it in the flame.

Morning sickness – you know you’ve had it when the sun comes up….it probably went down the wrong way.

Names do hurt me….is this an ego thing? let’s meditate – or even medicate – and work it out