19th July…

Temper myself…

I had morning sickness…i knew it was morning sickness becasue the sun came up…must have gone down the wrong way.

Ei Oop !

Things are ok, my brain is calming….still no comedy gigs in the diary, but some appearing on the horizon.

I hope to have Dublin in February. Originally was meant to do that gig last September, but what with one thing and another.

Language is a powerful thing. Talking to my friend about it he pointed out – as the door was open at the time – and then told me that the phrase ‘witch hunt’ is closely associated today with Trump. It’s true the president uses it often to denigrate the press.

But then if i myself am being attacked, say, on social media, what phrase can i use to best describe the feeling?

the analogy of a witch hunt is probably inaccurate anyway in these times of cancel culture and virtue signalling.

When a group of people set out to get you, whether on the web, or in real life, it’s closer to the mob searching for the monster than a witch hunt. Look at the climax of any Frankenstein film – especially the Universals and Hammers – and there you see the baying crowd, the villagers, they’ve had enough of killings. They won’t listen to reason anymore….it’s the monster what done it….They get their torches lit and set out as one, up towards the castle.

In a witch hunt it seems the witch did at least get a trial. Ok it was an unfair one, and she – or he (yes men were accused of dealing with the devil too) – died either way, whether they confessed or not.

The monster, in contrast, does not get a trial. He – or it – does not get a hearing. His cries are drowned out….

If Trump were drowned in concrete would that be setting a precedent?