Ond duuwwwww


what’s the date? 23rd June??

I was shocked to find my arm in a cast….it’s the cast of Eastenders !

joke – sorry. time to be serious.

Political correctness is probably going to go mad now, sorry, go mentally challenged. ok i know people have done distasteful things in the name of art and comedy , in the past. But do the owners really have to remove them from our screens? do Disney really need to touch films in their back catalogue in order to make them more suitable for a current audience?? Can’t people just be allowed to watch and read these things as they originally created, and then make their own minds up?

He says, naively…

well, as far as i know, all the classic films i like were doctored well before i first saw them.

Monty Python’s FC famously sued an american TV channel for editing their sketches in the 70’s….now that’s right on!