June….19th 2020.


So i have been conducting interviews, or  chats if you will, over the computer….researching for a potential radio programme for Radio Cymru. A guy i spoke to yesterday happened to mention he’d read my ‘blogs’ with interest – i was gobsmacked…! Firstly i didn’t realise anybody read what i write here; second, i felt immediately ashamed for not keeping it up. Thanks Doctor Rhys Bevan.

Hence i write now….what else?

well…eeer….still no comedy gigs…..Nothing to report in that department.

Been co-working with a guy in Norfolk, Kai Barron. He’s helping me film a 7 minute sketch which is done via a Zoom style conference. The basic idea is: three versions of me from three separate universes, each talking from his own window, talking and interacting with each other. It’s been immensely tricky, especially from the technical side (which Kai sorts out on his side). But it’s slowly coming together,,,,watch this space!

The world is as weird as it’s ever been at present. Yesterday i saw a TV broadcast with Boris…it was so bizarre, and surreal, i thought it must be a parody. In it he’s going on about the trade agreement between UK and Australia. He illustrated its benefits by extolling the virtues of Tim Tams (some antipodean biscuit) a packet of which he proudly waves. Then he shares his vision of international exchange of Marmite and Vegemite…love him or hate him you can’t make this shit up !!