Blog of sorts…during the Virus

I am not a blog writer….but that’s probably cos i am lazy.  I like writing really, it’s just that the physical act is so laborious….and think of all the things i could better spend my time on!  (all these things involve me lying back on the sofa).  But anyway, we’re currently in the middle of a national crisis etc so i better pull my finger out…it’s late March 2020, and the virus is spreading. The news says that the UK has never before experienced such stringent govt measures on our liberty. Bullshit, what about WW2?? I was not alive in the 40’s but all this stay-at-home stuff…it kind of gives me an incline as to what countries under duress go through. It’s one step away from martial law.

On the other hand we are allowed to go out : for shopping, and for walks. Where i live, today it is a beautiful day outside and the walk i occasionally take here – i.e. in peacetime – is usually done by me alone anyway, with not many other walkers. so i can’t say this has turned my normal daily routine upside down. It’s not martial law, not by a long chalk. …not yet.

I have been tweeting a few jokes, some topical some i think funny, but i am lucky if i get one like. Fucksake. Talking about how laborious writing is (Oh god that was hard to get down)…i read that Douglas Adams hated the physical act of writing. He was of course sublime at times. In HHG to Galaxy he creates the concept of the babel fish, which can translate any language automatically as the speaker speaks and hears it. Brilliant !!! If this really existed – and i suspect we’re not far away – fragile languages like welsh, gaelic, breton etc would be saved overnight.  But what Adams needed was a similar genius invention which made the writing of stories labour free. I doubt if there’s a fish out there that has that scale.

But yes writing is hard, i mean especially if you’re gonna attempt something longer like a novel.   Nice to fantasise that i will use this enforced holiday to do something just like that.

Yes, so anyway, i – like all self employed free lancing knights of old – am currently earning zilch. what does one do??? I can’t say i am at penury’s door …but it ‘s just a matter of time. i have had loads of gigs cancelled, about £2000 pound’s worth of work already. To be fair i  think i will get most of them re-booked…but one needs patience. (which is one thing the NHS does not need anymore of ).  It is easy to panic in this situation – i mean i don’t have a pension, no sick pay, no holiday pay etc….but i am strangely, and slowly, become acclimatized to this long pause in my comedy touring. It is in effect time out. And time out can be a good thing. ‘Time out’ to the student of life is a chance to not just rest and recharge one’s batteries, but also to reflect, to read books, to get to know oneself.

I reckon people struggle with this. On the weekend people, in their thousands went to the beaches, came to the countryside…even though they knew it was wrong, really, i mean there;s no social distancing within gatherings. Why? why can’t they isolate themselves at home, and not go anywhere? Cos it’s hard maybe. why’s it hard, because these days, we have leisure, we have gadgets, we have transport, we have second homes, we have the desire to go, we have the need to escape. Yes escape seems to be an essential part of modern life, even if it’s just a virtual kind as in Netflix.  (Papillon would be well at home here).

But how does one escape if one is ordered to stay at home? at home there’s nothing to escape from…surely. yes well, that depends. Kristnamurky (he of the murky beliefs) would argue that one can never escape from oneself, but one can try. well, that’s the thing, over the next few weeks, stuck in the house, you’ll find out. Can you at least face up to your ‘self’? what ever or whoever that is.

But,  as i suggested above,  there’s always box sets, TV and the inetrnet to keep us busy, and provide a form of escape. Why bother penetrate the psyche when you can throw all your attention into that shit ? Duuuw fi’n cofio…