Trouble in the air


Life is pretty chaotic at the moment…i have these horrible letters coming through the door re speed cameras. Looks likely i will lose my license soon; such a harsh punishment. What else?

My radio programmes for Radio Cymru went out: Death and Grief  – both in Welsh. I liked them. i will get links up for them.

I haven’t forgotten the vile tweets made about me by a bloke called Garmon last August. He accused me telling a racist joke, which i denied and deny. Such horrible words he called me, and when i did attempt a dialogue with him – on Twitter – his response would always be a repeat of the same vileness – e.g “you stink of piss” –   in an attempt to de-humanise me almost, with the most repulisive insults.

Ironically, within days of writing his comments he was on S4C – national TV inWales – saying ‘I’m never nasty’ on Twitter. There’s a lie right there.

As regards the joke in question, i have told it thousands of times around clubs, and its even been broadcast on S4C as recent as September 2019. With no complaint.

What happens on Twitter is similar to the Witch hunt of old – the ‘witch hunter’ attracts others some who get off on being worthy, others who are genuinely concerned with the problems in our society.  So before i know it I am being challenged, by people who weren’t even at the gig, to write the joke on Twitter…which of course I will never do.

BECAUSE…the joke was told within the context (and supposed safety) of a stand up gig. The joke was performed, not written in black and white.   I am intending to write the joke in a blog, and will soon. But on Twitter? I’m not on trial FFS. Anyway, as i said, it is out there if you look for it. In December 2019 i discussed the joke in details on Gavin Webster’s Comedy Results podcast.

So this bloke heckles me during my set – it was at the Eisteddfod in Llanrwst . then makes a complaint to the Eisteddfod, then writes insults about me on Twitter. Punished me on three levels.

I seem to have hit a nerve.