Jack Russell

Jack Russell – or John Cowley – was an ace comedian. He passed over in Sep 2018. I was saddened to hear that. He’d been off the comedy circuit for a while…

By the way, people are starting to notice that i don’t write very much in this website – or cobwebsite, as i like to call it – so hell why not write a tribute to a guy who was my friend back in the day…


He lived in Kingston, London, for much of the 1990’s, and booked a gig there. I recall many times doing the gig, then sleeping over in his house, going for walks, watching crap on the living room TV, getting stoned for hours. He introduced me to Bill Hicks, and thanks to Jack I finally got the American’s pseudo political take on the world.

This photo of JR links in nicely with his humour – one of his most memorable routines was about pets; dogs and especially cats. He’d describe with his unique wit the social manners of both, using both words and  simple mimes to sum up the common traits of each animal. The sweetness of the dog was superseded in his joke by the arrogance of the cat, ‘and this…is my arse!’ being the unforgettable punchline.

His comedy was intelligent, he was a purveyor of high humour if ever there was one one. And he never picked on people in his comedy, a nice, interesting guy both on and off stage.